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Your favourite game dev crew Alda Games is on its journey to conquer the World! Based in the middle of Europe Brno, Czech Republic its tentacles are slowly but surely spreading all around the globe.

We are a bunch of players, programmers and designers, who have known each other for a long time. One day, Ales, currently CEO of Alda Games, came with an idea of developing games on his own. So he got us together and established Alda Games in March 2013.


14 October

Walking Zombie 2 FAQ

0Walking Zombie 2 is not your average casual mobile game so it is only natural that you may have questions about it. Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers to them! If you want to know, how to recover your saved progress or why you got update for the game later than someone else, you will find the answers here. (more…)

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