14 October

Walking Zombie 2 FAQ (Wiki)

0Walking Zombie 2 is not your average casual mobile game so it is only natural that you may have questions about it. Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers to them! If you want to know, how to recover your saved progress or why you got update for the game later than someone else, you will find the answers here. (more…)

26 August

Killing Room is Coming Soon on Steam

0 Hello! We are happy to announce that Killing Room is almost complete and we already launched its “Coming Soon” page on Steam. Everyone can now add it to their wishlist to be informed when game is released, when it is on sale etc.

6 February

Killing Room new trailer!

0We are proud to present you this new gameplay trailer in which you can see improved graphics, new traps and points of interest, completely new weapons and animations including close combat, fight with boss and other gameplay elements.

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