1 December

Alda Games, AppCampus and Slush 2014

s300_SLUSH_logoAs you are certainly aware of fact that we and our game Defend Your Life! were successful in AppCampus selection, you probably won´t be surprised that after call from Aalto to invite us to Slush in Helsinki the decision has been made really fast. So, we have few days for preparation. The roll-up was ordered as well as some amount of flyers and new business cards. After Game Connection we were out of them. (more…)

12 November

Defend Your Life! On Steam. Vote For Us!

logo_ohgodmyeyesIt is truth that everybody own mobile device and it is truth that Defend Your Life! can be enjoyed on them. But what about players preferring PC? So we decided to try out release the game on Steam as well.


And here we are we need your help! You are the decision maker. If you would like to see Defend Your Life! on Steam, help us to pass the Greenlight. Just visit the game on Steam page and vote for us. :)

14 October

Defend Your Life! In Windows Phone Store

Dyl_Icon_Win_1024Ladies and gentlemen, finally after around one year of intensive works on Defend Your Life! we are proud to announce that from today you can officially download it and play. For next 90 days only for Windows Phone devices.That means that other platforms are going online in January 2015. (more…)

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