8 October

We Set Release Date for Defend Your Life!

Fb_DylSo it is finally here, AppCampus has approved our Release Candidate and that means… Defend Your Life! is going online. For next 90 days only for Windows Phone platform.


So if you own WP device mark the date 14 October in your diary! For more info about Defend Your Life! click here.

30 May

Creating the Game IV: Sit Down and Programme

logo_bonuswebIt took us quite time to prepare next part of our dev series. It was caused mainly of AppCampus processes (I hope there will be positive update soon). Anyway, if you are interested in programming of your game, sit down and …. (more…)

15 April

Defend Your Life! On MAAC Event. How Was It?

AppCampusOur the most recent project Defend Your Life! was selected from 66 teams to attend Mobile App Acceleration Camp in Budapest – 2 days lasting event devoted to promising mobile apps and games. So what did we get? (more…)

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