15 January

How Was Year 2013 And How 2014 Is Going To Be?

alda_logo_var„For thinking of future in present we have to know our past.“ Martin Vonsak

It would be better if the creator of introducing statement was someone like Aristotle but sorry, it is author of this text. Perhaps it was Aristotle, unfortunately I do not remember if he said that…. Anyway, more important is that after the New Year, we have been thinking here. We asked ourselves: where were we? Where are we now? And where we want to be? (more…)

25 November

Just 2 Days of Marketing Festival: Wanna More!

Marketing Festival ´13 Intro

Marketing Festival ´13 Intro

Well, we are game developing studio. And yeah, we create games for mobile devices. So probably you ask yourself, what on earth are game developers doing on Marketing Festival? Here are answers:

First of all, our company is located in Brno and thanks to some kind of positive planet conjunction Marketing Festival was happening in Janacek Theatre in the same city and I am quite responsible for marketing in Alda Games, which means… Exactly, I and my colleagues had to use public transport to get there. (more…)

17 November

World of Cheese Cheats & Walkthrough

World of Cheese is game for whole family. There are no cheats and every touch counts so be careful how you play or you will be disappointed with your final Score. Game consists of 40 hand-drawn levels and some of them could be difficult so we created this walktrough – now everyone can enjoy whole game without big troubles. (more…)

12 November

Being on Game Developers Session 2013

Alda Games Team

Alda Games Team

Once Upon A Time…

Or rather more precisely – weekend 8. – 10. 11. 2013. We spent these autumn days in Prague on Game Developers Session 2013 (GDS). This game design and industry happening offered, as usual, high quality of speakers, organisation and last but not least the relaxation in form of awesome after party. But I think nobody cares what happened after conference, so let move back to National Library of Technology. (more…)

3 October


Studio Alda Games is novice among the other game developers. It was established in Brno in 2013. Despite this it did not take much time of its existence to produce the extraordinary debut titled Save the Snail – a casual puzzle game designed for tablets, smartphones and other devices powered by iOS and Android. Save the Snail was published just few days ago as App Store app and is also available on Google Play. Save the Snail is available for free. (more…)

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