1 December

Alda Games, AppCampus and Slush 2014

s300_SLUSH_logoAs you are certainly aware of fact that we and our game Defend Your Life! were successful in AppCampus selection, you probably won´t be surprised that after call from Aalto to invite us to Slush in Helsinki the decision has been made really fast. So, we have few days for preparation. The roll-up was ordered as well as some amount of flyers and new business cards. After Game Connection we were out of them.

And here we are, 17th of the November became a day when we arrived to Helsinki in Finland. The blast of Slush was unleashed in next 2 days. The conference was held at the Exhibition and Convention Centre of Helsinki. The whole venue covered (my humble guess) more than 15 000 attendees and approximately 2000 companies. Media coverage seemed to be also impressive, I heard from somebody there about 600 local and worldwide media. Speakers were performing on 4 stages – Silver as mainstage and Black, Green, Yellow covering some particular topics.


10614271_836742629710062_7427336395751961303_nWe got a chance to present Defend Your Life! by own booth. We were part of selected projects of AppCampus stand and it must be said that our place was really busy. The think is that AppCampus held in the place where was offered free coffee and some food as well so there was really no problem to reach an audience. Even Rovio guy gave a try to try our game.

There was also available place sponsored by Supercell and Rovio dedicated to promising gaming companies. But most interesting part was Black Stage on Tuesday where many speakers from gaming industry had great talks. Due our booth it was impossible to sit there and enjoy them all but still some highlights from our side:

  • Jens Begemann from Wooga was talking about importance of stopping project in right time. They create tens of prototypes per year but only 1-2 will achieve final release stage. But is is always hit. The question remains if small studios like us can afford that kind of approach,
  • Matias Myllyrinne from Remedy explored what did they learn from their games like Alan Wake or Max Payne,
  • Manish Agarwal from Reliance Games explained why and how to adapt Indian product thinking to global market,
  • Victor Kislyi from Wargaming admitted the late arrive of World of Tanks in mobile world. But still, they believe in upcoming success. He also solved dilema „historic authenticity vs. entertainment“ of their games – the fun is priority,
  • Dan Brody from Tencent argued reasons why has Chinese market so potential and why should western developers optimize their games for older devices as well. The reason is that the market is so huge that even small percentage of devices means millions of the in reality,
  • The end of day was sponsored by Supercell – three music stage, incredible amount of beverages and awesome people and great atmosphere. I think that this is how conference after party should look like.


The day after was not so gaming but interesting stuff happened as well. Nokia announced its Android tablet N1, Karin Nilsdotter from Spaceport Sweden made a few insights into the development of space tourism.

The highlight of the day was announcing the winner of pitching session. The world record prize 500.000€ got to start up Enbrite.ly – guys trying to reveal hidden fraud activity and find quality in advertisements. In other words, they are in war against bot traffic.

Thank You AppCampus

And thats it. Must be said that it was impressive event, perhaps not directly gaming focused like let´s say Game Connection but still I think it worth it. Amount of new people, connections, inspiration… It is my pleasure to say huge thank you guys from AppCampus for your invitation and support in Helsinki. See you next year!

Martin Vonsak
Alda Games, 1.12.2014 | Brno, Czech Republic