27 November

Alda Games on Game Connection 2014

banner_game-connection-europe-2014We have finally found some time to summarize in few notes our expressions from Game Connection in Paris. Enjoy!

We decided to attend the Game Connection in Paris. After just little bit more than one year of existence we are still new on the gaming field so we were looking for some international industry experience. Decision has been made and tickets for B2B conference Game Connection bought. Did it worth it?

Porte de Versailles in Paris hosted 1151 companies, 2240 delegates and more than 9700 meetings in 3 days. We had exactly 32 official (scheduled in Game Connection app) meetings. We also enjoyed many talks during breaks or after party so total number just increased.


We were often asked (and we used same question as well) what exactly we expect from Game Connection. First of all, we attended to introduce our game(s) to potential publishers. Next, we tried to catch some localization companies while we decided to localize our upcoming projects. For example Defend Your Life! is already localized in 9 languages. And last but not least, user acquisition and possible ways of monetization became topics in which we were also interested. We also met people dealing with analytics or project management tools or outsourcers for programming or graphic works. Who knows when we will need some kind of that service? And nothing is better than meet potential partners personally.

How Exactly Did It Work

Well, perhaps we can compare it with speed dating or some similar concept. Each meeting lasted half an hour so there was time to introduce the company only, in our case the studio and Defend Your Life! game which we presented as our key product for Game Connection. To be frankly it is quite difficult to manage more, it is just beginning of relationship but to get at least some rough idea about the business of other side is half an hour quite enough. Of course, we had no illusion – everybody there was for business mainly but that does not necessary mean we have to consider ourselves as a sharks in ocean of competitors. We don´t need to buy stuff from each other in order to become friend, do we?

What we really did appreciate was the professional approach of attended sides. Honestly, before arriving we were little bit afraid of modern “start-up let´s save the world” dialectics and over motivated marketing speeches. Reality was fortunately different, everybody was nice but straight. Here, we have this product, you have this game, consider if you need it or not. Let me explain what it can do, tell me if it does fit with your needs and goals if yes let´s follow up, if not, well, perhaps next time. Life and business still go on, now let´s get some beer together. Short story shorter, we liked it!

See You Next Year

One of attendees told us that the real connections and business follow ups will appear after one year which means the next Game Connection. Well, there is also US version of Game Connection (March 2-5) in San Francisco, but we mean here Paris destination on its 15th edition next year.

So, we will see. Not only each other in the venue but also the companies which become our partners in order to make our games better.

Alda Games, 27.11.2014 | Brno, Czech Republic