Build Battle Craft

Build Battle Craft

Released: September 2017 Category: Building, PvP, multiplayer, crafting, F2P Size: 30 MB Platform: Android

Game description:

Inspired by legendary PvP building mod for Minecraft, Build Battlle Craft brings fun of realtime online building battles to mobile phones and tablets with Android. With intuitive controls, familiar block graphics and many blocks, NPCs and items to build with. Each battle gives you an opportunity to be creative and defeat your opponents as you are all trying to build the best possible version of one common theme. And we made sure that there is plenty of themes so you are never bored!

Each battle has 8 minute time limit and after time runs out each player will watch and rate creations of his opponents. The best rated creation wins. And victory means a lot of gold and experiences which can be used to buy and open chests to get more blocks and items to build with. You will play against 9+ other players so you will need all advantages if you want to be creative and win!



  • Online PvP building battles
  • Blocks graphics
  • Unlocking new blocks
  • Blocks & Items & NPCs & Floors & Effects to build with
  • Free to play
  • 8 minutes to build
  • 15 seconds to vote for each opponent
  • Many themes to build


Build Battle Craft
Build Battle Craft Build Battle Craft Build Battle Craft