Defend Your Life!

Released: 14. 10. 2014 Category: Arcade & Action / Tower Defense Size: 119 MB Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows

Game description:

Defend Your Life! is an unusual tower defense game inspired by Once Upon a Time… Life series.

You take the role of commander of human body’s sentinels. Your objective is clear – bacteria and viruses shall not pass through defense system. Way how to deal with enemy hordes is simple. Think tactically, construct and upgrade buildings, reinforce your troops, support them with special upgrades, annihilate the enemy with mighty powers.

You will in charge to protect vital organs of human body in 16 + 1 bonus exciting maps. You will face your enemies on battlefields like aorta, appendix, stomach and many more. And if you show awesome skill, you can even reach the central of human body – you will enter the brain! Your enemies are clever, flu allocates itself after death, Nicotine is fast and furious, Tonsillitis can make you really sick. But do not forget, anything happens, life goes on…

More information about the game!

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  • 17 exciting levels
  • 4 basic upgradable buildings
  • about 20 enemy units
  • Bonuses and upgrades
  • 2 challenging bosses
  • Stunning graphics
  • Original soundtrack
  • Rich encyclopedia
  • Tactical involvement
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Extraordinary game experience


Defend Your Life!