Save the Snail 2

Released: April 2015 Category: Puzzle / Adventure Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Game description:

Save the Snail. Again! This time in adventure through time and space as our little friend falls into time machine. From era of dinosaurs to distant future, one thing remains – everything in existence is threat to Snail‘s live. Only you can protect him from new dangers.

More obstacles mean more options as you can rotate objects and throw them in random order to develop new strategies. You will even use active objects like magnets and ventilators while avoiding or utilizing different surface types like ice or slime.

Classical puzzle game returns with 60 brain teasing levels, free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions are available!


  • It’s free!
  • 3 different worlds
  • Intuitive controls
  • 60 levels with rising difficulty
  • Many interactive objects
  • Playful and funny graphics
  • Haptic sensations (android)
  • Colorfully painted shells


Save the Snail 2