25 November

Just 2 Days of Marketing Festival: Wanna More!

Marketing Festival ´13 Intro

Marketing Festival ´13 Intro

Well, we are game developing studio. And yeah, we create games for mobile devices. So probably you ask yourself, what on earth are game developers doing on Marketing Festival? Here are answers:

First of all, our company is located in Brno and thanks to some kind of positive planet conjunction Marketing Festival was happening in Janacek Theatre in the same city and I am quite responsible for marketing in Alda Games, which means… Exactly, I and my colleagues had to use public transport to get there.

But Now Seriously

The main reasons to participate on this conference, like in fact on any other conference, was effort to educate ourselves and meet new people. And the goals were accomplished successfully. It is impossible to highlight everything and I guess people who were there actually do not need it but here it is my two cents.

Very interesting was the talk of Michael King, to be more specifically his approach to Google´s “not provided” keywords topic. What resonates in my mind the most (except his awesome performance on after party, just watch video below) is the statement that in fact Google has set us free from keywords addiction. Idea of creating content for user first and for Google then, focusing on “personas” and “cohorts” is really not new (honestly, there were moments when I felt it little bit repetitive), but it is nice to hear that live with some success stories as an example and evidence. That is why I really enjoyed Kate Morris or Marek Prokop.

Michael King - Not Just a Speaker

Michael King – Not Just a Speaker

I really appreciate presentation of Millie Khanna who has shown us some intercultural perspectives of online marketing in India. Thanks to her I am optimistic again about cooperating with Indian marketers (and trust me we had really interesting offerings from “marketers” during the promotion of Save the Snail).

I just cannot skip the opportunity to mention Matthias Bettag. Not just only for invitation to Berlin´s club Tresor (or was it Ritter Butzke?) but mainly for his inspiring insight into aligned multichannel and multi-device measurement. He accented on combination of own and legal hard data with real user behaviour and he didn´t forget to make a prediction: user from 2017 will own 5 on the Internet connected devices at an average. And we really hope that 3 of them will be powered by iOS or Android, guess why… By the way, do you know what “dark social” phenomenon means?

Also performances of seemingly not related speakers – Phil Nottingham and Ondrej Slama were very interesting. First one was talking about the necessity and ways of creating the video content and Ondrej introduced us into the Czech and Slovak market with YouTube video advertising. Especially the knowledge of price and length of video (ir)relevance is little bit surprising. Or better said, my suspicion has been finally confirmed!

The Conclusion

A Legend: Marek Prokop

A Legend: Marek Prokop

As I said before, it is not possible to mention everyone and everything. I (and my colleagues as well) want to say big thanks to organizers. Great event with great speakers, nice people all around,

wonderful relax zone and awesome after party. Of course there were some problems: for example with Wi-Fi, too long queue for catering, just one spot for coffee and in my humble opinion using word “fail” in case of registering on workshops is really euphemism.

But you know what? I do not care. Everybody has a right for mistakes, especially event of such a format. And honestly, it was great to be offline in this online world, it was nice to chat with people in queue and enjoy some complaining, it was inspiring to listen all speakers… Actually, it was awesome to be there!

See you next time,

Martin Vonsak, 25.11.2013 ǀ Brno, Czech Republic

Photo credits: BerryPhoto.cz, the whole gallery is available here.

And here we are, the after party sample. Mycool King himself!