1 March

World of Cheese Questions & Answers

One of our first games is fun for both children and adults and you have many questions regarding it so here are our answers on those most frequent.

Can I play World of Cheese on computer too?
Yes. There are two options: 1) There is web version available on Jojo.net 2) You can try Android emulation via program called Bluestacks.

Are there any cheats?
No, you have to try your best.

Are you planning sequel or at least new levels?
Not right now, but if we see really great demand, we are ready to create it.

I cannot install the game due to „couldn’t install on usb storage or sd card“.
Common problem easily solved by deleting file smdl2tmp1.asec from your SD card in sdcard/.android_secure/ or by unmounting SD card before installation.

What are hardware requirements of World of Cheese?
Device with ARMv7 processor and Android 2.3 or later/Windows Phone 8 or later/Apple device with iOS 6 or later.

Why this game needs GPS location and mobile network permission?
We are using software to analyze where our fans are from. We need to know their approximate location. With that we can determine where is our game most popular and which localization we should focus on.

Is there any walkthrough for World of Cheese?
Yes, you will find it on page World of Cheese Cheats and Walkthrough.