Killing Room

Released: TBA Category: FPS / RPG / Rogue-like Platform: Windows

Game description:

Killing Room is very cruel reality show from 22nd century that uses human suffering as entertainment for rich people. Trust us, it is really funny, at least for audience. On the other hand, you, and all other players, will be risking lives while trying to win main prize, 1 billion dollars. It is tempting but probability of winning is close to zero.

Game itself is about shooting and surviving – there is no second chance, every character has only one life and death is permanent. Of course, you can sacrifice as many characters as you want but let’s pretend that you care and cry for every lost life. Rogue-like games like Killing Room are tough, deal with it. Killing Room consists of 8 randomly generated floors filled with traps, enemies and points of interest that can really help you (nah, in most cases, they will also try to kill you, but with some wits). Trials are becoming more and more difficult and you will have to improve your character and your own skill to stand a chance.

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  • Rogue-like FPS
  • RPG elements
  • Tons of black humour
  • Traps
  • Puzzles
  • Online voting


Killing Room