Eggies Are Finally Released!

30 July 2014

We are happy to announce that Eggies are finally prepared to be hatched by you. Here is an official press release. Enjoy!

Eggies Are Finally Released!

Game developers from Alda Games are happy to announce the release of their third title – Eggies. Player has to take care of cute virtual monsters hatched from eggs. The game is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices for free.

Player´s task is showing love and care to eggs in order to fulfill all essential needs of trustee. Head game designer of virtual pets adds:

“Eggies are a result of six months of creative effort. I think our goal to develop an entertaining game which combines worries but mainly the joy with virtual pets is successful.”

flappy_eggieIn order to successfully hatch their eggs, player must visit doctor who offers vitamins and pills. Eggs can sometimes be hungry but do not worry. There is a pretty impressive menu list in restaurant with variety of meals. Player can also look for some appealing stuff in order to customize appearance of Eggies in shop. There can be found fine offer of hats, decoration etc. Game provides 7 minigames in playroom and players can expect more to come in the future. Eggies can train memory by playing Pexeso or building picture in Puzzle. For improving reflexes is quite useful Flappy Eggie or catching eggs into basket.

What is the reward? Cute little monster hatched from the egg. Players can add it to their collection and then select another Eggie to hatch. There are 11 monsters available so far but each update will content another Eggies.Playground

Important parts of the game are easy to navigate town map, album describing each creature. Players can also share their achievements or photos of Eggies via Facebook.

The game is powered by Unity 3D engine and all graphic is hand-drawn like in all previous titles. Game is available for free with an option to buy in-game currency which can help decrease hatching time for example or unlock special accesories in the shop.

Eggies are able for download from Google Play as well as from AppStore and Windows Store. Just click here to get desirable link ;-)

Alda Games entered the mobile market with logic puzzle title Save the Snail which has more than half a million downloads so far. The second game from Czech young developers is titled as World of Cheese with quarter of million downloads. Studio currently works on tower defense game Defend Your Life! which will take place inside the human body.

Alda Games, 30.07.2014 | Brno, Czech Republic