Google Play Store – Update Troubleshooting

17 September 2022

Having issues with launching your game after an update? Try following the next steps to fix the problem and head back to the game.

Google Play Store – Update Troubleshooting

Does the game want you to update it, but when you open the Google Play store, you still see a Play button instead of an Update one? ↓

Step 1 – Close the Google Play store app completely and restart it. (If restarting the store doesn´t help, restart the device you are using and continue)

Step 2 – Go to the game page of the Transport Tycoon or just find the game in the store, it may sometime show the update button only there ↓

Step 3 – Click the update button and download the new version ↓

Step 4 – Start the game, it should run fine now

Step 5 – Enjoy!