New bright website for bright future

02 November 2022

It was inevitable and it is here - brand new webpage!

New bright website for bright future

It will soon be 10 years since we embarked on the journey to become great game developers with portfolio of great games enjoyed by millions of players around the world... For this whole time our old trusty webpage stayed with us, providing us with place of our own to share information about our games and important milestones for the studio. But everything comes to an end. Allow us to introduce you to our new webpage!

Months in the making, this webpage showcases our games and our studio in the modern way while staying true to the important design ideas inherited from our original web - lightweight design, our typical bright colors and of course our logo, albeit this time only in 2D. :-)

As we recently moved into the new offices, it almost feels like a fresh start but we are not forgetting our roots. Quality of our games, relaxed office atmosphere and focus on always improving ourselves and our games while having fun will always be what we strife for. We are looking forward to next 10 years and many great games and experiences we will be part of.

If you feel lost on our new web, you can start by exploring our games  or learning something about history and present of Alda Games .