19 June 2013

Studio Alda Games is novice among the other game developers. It was established in Brno in 2013. Despite this it did not take much time of its existence to produce the extraordinary debut titled Save the Snail – a casual puzzle game designed for tablets, smartphones and other devices powered by iOS and Android. Save the Snail was published just few days ago as App Store app and is also available on Google Play. Save the Snail is available for free.


Enthusiasts from Alda Games do not try to hide their ambitions. Their first goal is to become a leader on Czech and Slovak market of the mobile entertainment industry and reach the TOP 25 in the game charts around the world. Ales Kriz, a major developer and head manager of the studio clearly argues:

“Mobile entertainment market is skyrocketing and almost anyone who has the motivation and skills, can achieve at least a local success. But the recipe also contains love to games, dedication and years of playing experience. If you mix all of the ingredients together, you have the chance to take part in the global market. If you can make it through countless sleepless nights, endless testing and fighting to get attention of players, you cannot fail.”

The first title of the Alda Games developers is the game Save the Snail. The player gets into the role of the defender of fragile and vulnerable snails. Mollusks have to survive various dangerous situations – falling rocks, scorching sunlight or sharp and deadly tacks spread scattered on the ground. The task of the player is to create the protective barrier between the snail and threats by using the available objects, avoid the deadly traps or try to get the snails out of the danger. But player has to be careful, each mission is time limited. In addition it is also important to collect stars, which is the part criterion of the final ranking. To be successful in the game is the use of logical thinking must and the player has to focus on situation assessment and making right decisions in the right time.

Save the Snail was developed using the Unity Game Engine. The game contains 24 levels based on 3 difficulty modes. The snails are situated in to the natural world of the small creatures. The most of graphic objects are hand-painted and the effect is breathtaking. Why the studio decided to choose this method in the world of modern technologies? Ales Kriz explains:

“Despite the opportunities of modern technology, we selected hand-painted graphic. One of the reasons was nostalgia for good old times when games did not contain huge bombastic effects and explosions. The other reason is the idea to bring the adventures of the snail to the widest possible audience. The purpose of hand drawn graphic is reaching children and adults as well as to increase gaming experience.”

The game is localized into multiple languages: English, Czech, German, Russian, French, Spanish and traditional and simplified Chinese. Save the Snail is available for devices powered by iOS and Android.

19.6.2013 ǀ Brno, Czech Republic