3 March

Puzzle Games Save the Snail And World of Cheese Available For Windows Phone

Game developing studio Alda Games decided to release Save the Snail and World of Cheese for devices powered by Windows Phone. Developers want to increase their potential reach of players community across the mobile gaming industry.

Save the Snail

Save the Snail

As founder of studio Ales Kriz states:

“We have found the Windows Phone marketplace very promising especially because of 2 reasons. First of all, demand for games playable on Windows Phone devices increases with amount of users of these gadgets. And secondly, thanks this we can see another potential for some of monetization models usage. It would be a pity if we at least do not try enter this market. And of course, what is more important, we want to make our games available for as big audience as possible.”

Games run thanks to Unity 3D Engine which makes their port for various platforms easier.

Save the Snail is logic puzzle game where the player has to defend mollusks from dangerous environment (scorching sun, falling rocks, sophisticated traps, etc.). The game counts more than 100,000 downloads via Google Play and almost the same amount on iOS devices.

World of Cheese

World of Cheese

World of Cheese is logic puzzle adventure dedicated for whole family. The player has to solve 40 puzzles which leads to finding cheese. This helps to hungry Mr Mousey survive hard times.

Save the Snail and World of Cheese for Windows Phone are completely for free and you can download it by clicking on next links:

Save the Snail: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/save-the-snail/b4eb185c-2b5c-40a5-a808-610e9bb35397
World of Cheese: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/world-of-cheese/22cd7b04-57b5-4a0c-9bba-8e404caad864