Save the Snail 2 was launched!

21 April 2013

Alda Games is happy to announce that its first game, Save the Snail, has its successor in Save the Snail 2. It was created for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices with first appearance on Google Play for Android powered phones and tablets.

Save the Snail 2 was launched!

Development took 8 months and game brings completely new visuals and new gameplay features while preserving atmosphere and general gameplay mechanics of its predecesor.

Game is true to its roots but enhances gameplay in various fields. It uses haptic feedback for collisions of objects and players can enjoy huge amount of content, all for free. Alda Games are proud to announce that game consists of 3 different game worlds, each in different historical (and prehistorical) period. Each world contains 20 levels and setting drastically changes various active gameplay elements.

Along with gameplay variability, Save the Snail 2 features a skinnable shells of main protagonist slash damsell in distres.

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