Tycoon Empire – Tips for beginners

18 August 2022

Hello, fellow business leaders and welcome to the Tycoon Empire! As there is plenty of things to do in the game, we have prepared a little guide for a successful headstart. Following tips will show you on what you should focus at the beginning of estabilishing a great business.

Tycoon Empire – Tips for beginners

1. Pay attention to the Tutorial

If you havent finished the game tutorial at level 12, get back to it and pay attention to what Cindy has to say. Tutorial teaches you all the essential mechanics, so you have to know them properly.

2. City – Build effective

Your city is the main way of getting money, so you have to make sure you build it efficiently. There are two types of buildings; economy and support. Economic give you population, support boost them. More population means more coins.

3. Maintain your vehicles

Each vehicle despite rarity is important for completing contracts, especially the casual ones. Make sure to upgrade all your vehicles, so you dont have to send them that many times. Getting screws for upgrading is as important as getting new vehicles.

4. Discard feature

It may happen that you dont have any vehicles for a certain casual contract, or you simply dont need the reward and look for another. Use the discard feature and after some time, get a new contract with different requirements or rewards.

5. Stick to the Story

When you find yourself lost in the game, for example waiting for more story contracts, Story progression will help you find a thing to focus at. It also presents you advanced game mechanics and reminds of the useful ones.

6. Search the world

While you wait for the vehicles to finish contracts, search for piles of trash or yellow containers in the world or your city. They contain helpful items or materials. You can also spin the Lucky Wheel, which grants you extra currencies, keys and screws.